Configuration Oracle Weblogic Server Nodemanager

This manual describes the configuration of the Oracle WebLogic Server Node Manager. The following points are addressed.

– Configuring credentials Admin Server
– Configuring user node manager with secure login details
– Start stop Admin Server from the Node Manager.
– Automatic start Managed Servers.


Starting the Nodemanager

Start the Node Manager in a separate terminal. After starting the Node Manager the file is created.

Starting Weblogic

Start weblogic, the data in the wil be encrypted.

Create seperate user for the Nodemanager

First you have to connect to Oracle WebLogic Admin Server, it is started by default after configuring a domain.

Secure the Nodemanager

Stop the Nodemanager

Automatic restart of the Managed servers

To ensure that the Node Manager automatically restart after a system crash or for some other reason, the file will need to be adjusted. Note The is only created after the Node Manager started again and stopped.

Starting Nodemanager.

Start the Admin Server with the Nodemanager.

Start/Stop/Status Admin and Managed Servers

Java Security

The urandom parameter in the file is mostly involved when ssl is configured in the middleware environment.

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