Error creating JDBC component schema

This manual describes the steps to resolve the  ‘Error creating JDBC Component schema’  which can occur during the execution of the configuration of Oracle Fusion Middleware products on a repository that has a lower version.


This manual will describes a solution for the Error ‘Error creating JDBC Component schema’ which shows up during the configuration of different Fusion Middleware products. This installation is performed on an Oracle Enterprise Linux release 5.9 virtual machine. This virtual machine is hosted on a VMware ESX5.0 environment.

During the configuration of Oracle Fusion Middleware products, during the step “Configure JDBC Component Schema, the following error message can occur.


1. BAM Schema- Failed
2. SOA Infrastructure-Failed
3. User Messaging Service-Failed
4. OWSM MDS Schema-Failed
5. SOA MDS Schema-Failed

In the relevant schedules is a version number which is lower than what is expected.

Modify the schema’s


Repeat the step for the other schemes.
It is important that when you do this for the ‘DEV_MDS’ schedule, it must have admin rights.

Please let me know if this solutions for ‘Error creating JDBC Component schema’ was usefull to you. If there are  errors or you have suggestions regarding this manual, please let me know.
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Maarten Schoonus

9 Responses to “Error creating JDBC component schema”

  1. Aniruddha

    Thanks Maarten, really useful blog.

  2. Maarten Schoonus

    You’re welcome Aniruddha. 🙂

  3. mona

    when i put select * from schema_version_registry;
    it told : now row selected
    i tried to drop it .. it told : table or view does not exist 🙁
    i log in as the sys
    what should i do ????????

    • Maarten Schoonus

      Hi, it looks like is alreadey dropped. Try to create a new one.

      SQL> create table schema_version_registry(owner varchar2(30),mr_type varchar2(10),version varchar2(50));
      SQL> insert into schema_version_registry(owner,mr_type,version)values(‘DEV_SOAINFRA’,’SOAINFRA’,’′);
      SQL> commit;

  4. Balaji


    While executing 3 rd query i am getting error as ERROR at line 1:
    ORA-00947: not enough values

  5. Balaji


    I executed the query as
    insert into schema_version_registry(owner,mr_type,version)values(‘DEV_OCS’,’OCS’,’′);

  6. Balaji

    Kindly Help me on this. Thank You in Advance

  7. AjayKishore

    No Need to drop and create the table,
    you can simply update the table values version(it will show on the error message only) for each user. it will fix the issue


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