Installation of Oracle Spatial

This manual describes the ‘Installation of Oracle Spatial’.

  • Installation of Oracle Enterprise Linux or other.
  • Installation of Oracle Database Server

The necessary software can be downloaded by clicking on the link(s) below.

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Installing Oracle Spatial


Step 1:

Connect to the database where you want to install Oracle Spatial using SYSDBA privileges (use the SYS or SYSTEM accounts). For my install I used SQL*Plus to connect to the database.

Step 2:

Verify prerequisites. To install Oracle Spatial, we need to have JAVA virtual machine, Oracle intermedia and Oracle XML database products already installed. Verify if the products are installed by executing the following SQL.

Step 3:

The install scripts also require a MDSYS user account. Ensure MDSYS user exists or create one before installing Oracle Spatial.

Step 4:

Execute scripts to install Oracle Spatial.

Step 5:

Verify Oracle Spatial is installed correctly. There should not be any invalid objects in MDSYS account.

Check invalid objects.

Check database options.

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