Oracle OBIEE RUNCAT.SH not running

This manual describes a the solutions of the ‘Oracle OBIEE RUNCAT.SH not running’.

  • Installation of Oracle Enterprise Linux or other.
  • Installation of Oracle Weblogic 11/12.
  • Installation of Oracle Business Intelligence

The necessary software can be downloaded by clicking on the link(s) below.

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We’ve just performed a new installation of OBIEE on an Oracle Enterprise Linux 6 virtual machine for a customer, all went well as you’d expect, but afterwards we discovered that the server version of the catalog manager (run from the ./ command) didn’t work, it came up with the usual launch messages of:

But the GUI catalog manager window didn’t pop-up, instead the linux command prompt returned with nothing happening. Next we looked in the runcat log file .log under /catalogmanager/workspace/.metadata, this contained the following message:

So it wasn’t happy about the or library files. These files are included in the OBIEE installation, so they weren’t missing.  So I went to the directory were these are stored:

And running the ldd command against the files lists all shared library dependences:

This clearly shows that one is missing:, metalink (Doc ID 1413909.1)

There is a package missing. (gtk2.x86_64 0:2.24.23-6.el6)

Switched back to user oracle to start again.

This time  the catalog manager opened up with no fonts – all characters where replaced with a square character.

Now the catalog manager starts.

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