Oracle Enterprise Manager 12c EMCLI commands

This manuel describes a number of useful commands for use with Oracle Enterprise Manager 12c. Emcli can be used to implement batch Oracle scripts on your Management Server (OMS)

  • Log on the OMS 12c server



  • Synchronize emcli with the Oracle Management Server.

  • Log out Oracle Management Server.

  • Remove specifictarget.

  • Remove a agent and all of its objects.

  • Gives a list of all promoted components.

  • Plugin deployment (OMS / agent)

  • Import a update in the software library.

  • Deploy a plugin in the OMS

  • Deploy a plugin on EM agent(s).

  • List of available agents in the software library.

  • Download a agent from the software library (

  • Set the monitoring credentials for a specific target, example from a database instance.

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