RMAN Restore and Recover a Oracle Database using a Catalog Server

This manual describes a method for a ‘RMAN Restore and Recover a Oracle Database using a Catalog Server’.

  • Installation of Oracle Enterprise Linux or other.
  • Installation of Oracle Database Server 10/11/12.

The necessary software can be downloaded by clicking on the link(s) below.

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Restore and Recover methods

Default restore of Oracle Database

When you want to restore to the same server and you backup files are in registerd in a catalog server, you can use the following statements.

Log in with SQL/PLUS.

If you want to restore a database from scratch or to a new server.  Assuming that your backup strategy is correct and that you have all the data files, control files, spfile and archive logs. This can be checked by the following commands in the RMAN console.

Restore from scratch
Make directory structure.

Add a dbname to oratab.

Restore the spfile first and start the database in nomount phase.


Restore the database.

Control file

Restore the controlfiles.

Eventually, you can copy the last archivelog files to the recovery area.

Check the database incarnation.

Check the SCN and TAG.

Method 1: recover from the last tag.

Method 2: use sqlplus to recover

Method 3: do not use latest archive logs

Restore database LVL0 backup

Backup lvl0 and lvl1

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