Upgrade Oracle Database to

This manual describes the upgrade of Oracle Database 11gR1 ( to Oracle Database 11gR1 (


The necessary software can be downloaded by clicking on the link(s) below.


If you do not work directly from the console, you can start a terminal session to the server.
On the server, the display must be exported to the machine from where you will perform the installation.

Unpacking software

Go to the correct directory where the installation files are found and unpack it using unzip.

If it is correct there is a directory named Disk1 created.

Preperation upgrade

If you have followed the installation manuel Installatie van Oracle Database 11gR1 OEL5.9 the enviroment will be set in a correct way.


This patch set includes the Oracle Time Zone Definitions “. Verify that the version is 4, when it is higher or lower than follow Metalink Note: Actions for the DSTv4 update in the patch set ID:568125.1

Stopping the database

Stopping the listener

Pre-Upgrade toolkit

By using this kit  you can check whether there may arise problems. Ensure that all problems are solved.

Update installation files Oracle Database 11gR1

Installation Oracle Database

The welcome screen is displayed. Click Next.

Installation Oracle Database

Indicate the Oracle home directory of Oracle Database, and then click Next.

Installation Oracle Database

If you do not want security e-mails remove the tick from ‘I wish to ….’ and then click Next.

Installation Oracle Database

Click Yes.

Installation Oracle Database

Wait for the prerequisite check is complete, and then click Next.

Installation Oracle Database

The installation summary is shown. Check the information and then click Next ..

Installation Oracle Database

The installation progress screen is displayed when the installation process at about 95%, you will see the screen bellow.

Installation Oracle Database

Installation Oracle Database

Click exit to close the screen.

Installation Oracle Database

Click yes to acknowledge.

When the software is upgraded to Oracle Database 11gR1 release, the database must eb upgraded. In this manuel we upgrading from Oracle Database 11gR1 ( to Oracle Database 11gR1 ( This upgrade may also be carried out using the DBUA Database Upgrade wizard.

Pre-Upgrade toolkit

Database upgrade

The Oracle Database 11gR1 ( software is upgraded to Oracle Database 11gR1 ( software. We must now tell the database that the database software is upgraded to a higher release.

Starting the database

Compiling Database Objects

After a database upgrade the database objects must be recompiled.

Extra checks Database upgrade

Check registry

Database, datafiles and backup.


History of the DBA-Registry.



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